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Welcome to Derecho Studios!

Looking to get the scoop on what is coming next from Derecho Studios? You can visit our mobile games page or by checking out our blog. Visit our Facebook page to see any new announcements as well. From all of us here, we hope that you will enjoy our games and apps. Be enjoy responsibly and make sure to take a break. Remember that outside the world of gaming there is a world for you to be a part of.


Curious what is coming soon from Derecho Studios?

Take a look on our mobile games page to find out what we have in the works, and are planning to deploy to mobile gaming platforms. Derecho Studio is all about creating games, apps, and providing the best experience for our gamers. We hope you enjoy our games and give us any feedback you have.

With our team we are always working on new projects to bring to out to the world. Some of these games are similar to other games with twists, such as for the season, while other games we are developing are more unique in nature. With app and game we distribute, we give it our best and truly care to make it the best we can. Our effort into design, programming, and the story are all made by our small team. We will always strive to give our customers a great gaming experience. Plus if by chance you have a problem, please let us know.