Who We Are

Derecho Studio 400x400Who We Are

Derencho Studios is a group of 3 friends who joined together to create games. We all love playing games. After some thought, we decided that we want to bring our ideas of what games should and can be to life. With this in mind, we started learning how to create, develop, and provide users with an amazing experience.  In August of 2015 we launched our own company, Derecho Studios.

Our goal is to bring the best we can to any and all of the games we publish. Currently we are working on mobile games, games that can be played for fun and strategy in mind. Check out our games see what we are working and currently have available by clicking here.

With our skills in development, design and amazing stories, we feel we can give users a great experience which will entertain all for years to come. We hope to see you playing our games, and any feedback you have is more then appreciated. Drop us a line through our contact form.