Customize Santa in Santa Rush Delivery

Deck out Your Santa! Customize Santa how you want!

Derecho Studios has launched a brand new mobile game application, Santa Rush Delivery, just over time for the Christmas holidays. You can play this game as Santa, delivering Christmas gifts as well as the cheer to all children. This mobile phone game app is available on Google Play™. Visit your online store to download for free. Although there are a lot of games that are similar and are available in Google Play™, Santa Rush Delivery offers something new ideas along with a merry periodic twist. The side scrolling phone and tablet game isn’t just about dodging hurdles and obtaining the high score. Though it is suggested. Minding the gaps and paying attention to the skies above is vital for the player to be successful. Players have to pay attention to ensure Christmas is going to be saved this holiday season.

The brand new mobile game is very exciting, and enjoyable experience with regards to young players in addition to for old. Beat your mates, and talk about your variety of Christmas gear on this holiday. Are you ready to rock out and save Christmas with a disco suit, of course there is a matching hat? Perhaps you wish to go the classic Santa route, buy and equip the full classic Santa gear.

Your candy canes collected over the runs, are usable to purchase upgrades for your Santa Claus inside the Workshop, crafted by your Christmas Elves. Candy canes are what allow you to customize Santa, those elves do love their candy canes. Careful though, these are the latest equipment from your elves and sometimes can be unstable. There are many upgradeable pieces of gear such as Boots, Jackets (Disco Jacket, Green Jacket, Santa Classic Jacket and more), Gloves, and Hats. The gloves and boots are items which offer you increased magical abilities. For example the grabby gloves which have a magical pull attached to them, pulling candy canes to you as you run from rooftop to rooftop. The boots provide you with special magical powers to keep you alive. Such as extra jumping boots, and even a means to avoid staying electrocuted, try out the Conducto Boots. The jackets and hats give you a unique new look for your Santa. Customize Santa Claus to get him exactly as you want to have him. More items will be introduced into the workshop as the elves develop them.

Is it possible to Save Holiday?

It’s all up to you! Help Santa, save the holiday season, and collect as many candy canes as you can while out on your delivery runs. With your special magical powers, it’s all up to you this holiday season. Be the hero that all the children need this Christmas. You can deliver gifts for all you good children, play right from your phone, as well as on your tablet.

Coming soon, log in with your FaceBook™ and share your score with friends and family. Will you be the one who stays on the charts and beats your friends? Only one way to find out. Invite them and challenge them. Share your current high score, and watch as you compete with each other. The truth is, you can connect with your magical powers and save Christmas. Deliver those Christmas gifts and earn a chance to get a bonus present, just for you.

Go be the hero this Christmas, and save it for everyone!

With a great deal of gear to pick from, gloves, suits, hats, and boots. Please keep in mind, some of these items have crafted by the elf team and will be experimental. However, many of these items involve some very special magical powers, marvelous sometimes. Those crafting elves are already busy working preparing even more special equipment.

You Should Play Santa Rush Delivery

Play Santa Rush Delivery It’s free to download!
Nothing can be worse then not getting any Christmas gifts. Help Santa deliver presents, while dodging obstacles and collecting candy canes. Customize your Santa how you want with our different outfits and gear.
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