Play Mobile Games this Christmas with the Family

Play Mobile Games this Christmas with the Family

Mobile games are not always a solo activity and can be a great family or group activity at Christmas especially. Mobile games are known for sometimes being addictive and like other video games they can have a ‘tunnel vision’ effect where the player ignores everything and everyone around them. This doesn’t have to be the case however as there are plenty of mobile video games that can bring people together and just spread the joys of Christmas; this can be pretty popular with some consoles also, Nintendo™ especially, with classic group and family games such as Mario Kart™ or Mario Party™. Consoles and console games are expensive however and mobile games are a much cheaper option while still being able to provide the same amount of entertainment.

Family is what the Holidays is About, Can games fit in?

Christmas is always thought of as being a time for family and mobile gaming is a great way to bring the family together and a great way to keep the kids occupied while Christmas dinner is being prepared. There are thousands of mobile games however and finding some good multiplayer ones could be a pain but there are plenty of others that could be played competitively and ‘single player’ at the same time; games such as Angry Birds™, Candy Crush™ and Temple Run™ could be played in a group where the ‘winner’ is the person who gets the best score. There are plenty of Christmas themed games as well which could be played like this such as Santa Rush Delivery which is child friendly single player but scores can be compared with each other. Playing mobile games this Christmas can be the perfect after dinner experience.

Now when it comes to Christmas, the “ideal” Christmas has the whole family together which can span across three or sometimes more generations so it’s important to find activities the whole family can do together. Mobile games are not the usual first thought for this but they can actually be more than ideal; board games are the more traditional option but those are expensive and many board games have mobile game versions of them which are much cheaper to purchase. Classic board games such a Monopoly™ or Battleship™ can be played on mobile gaming platforms such as smartphones and tablets; there are also video games such as the Jack Box Party Pack™ which allows some players to use mobile devices to play, the Lie Swatter™ game allows for up to 100 players for example. Perhaps mobile games this Christmas will be in season.

Keep it trendy with mobile games this Christmas

While mobile games aren’t traditionally thought about for Christmas family activities, it’s actually a pretty good idea and a much cheaper option than board games or console games. There are plenty of mobile games that can be played together as a family, whether it’s against each other in a multiplayer or comparing single player scores. Games such as Heathstone™ are great on tablets as they’re child ­friendly and easy to play with other people who have the game on a tablet also.

Christmas themed games can be found all over the app markets and ones such as Santa Rush Delivery is perfect to play with younger children or to compare scores with. Playing mobile games this Christmas with your family can be a great direction to go in. Give them a try at your Christmas parties! Maybe your family will start a new tradition this year based on mobile game sessions.

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