Christmas Mobile Games Coming in December 2015

Just in time for Christmas and the holidays of 2015. Derecho Studios is proud to announce that come December you will be able to play two brand new mobile games. Of course both of these games will be available for you to play for free with in app purchases if you choose. However you can enjoy the full Christmas mobile games either way.

SRD Coming SoonThe first game is Santa Rush Delivery. A new endless runner with a seasonal twist. Santa Claus needs your help, he is running late and its up to you to save Christmas. Run from rooftop to rooftop delivering gifts. Watch out for a wide arrangement of obstacles which will get in your way, and of course watch the gap between the houses. Last thing we need is Santa to drop down. How would he get back up in time? All this time your running with Santa Claus, you want to make sure you are collecting candy canes(you need them for upgrades and power ups) but also delivering all those presents. Every present you deliver will provide you a bonus chance of getting more candy canes and power ups, plus that is what Christmas is about.

So of course it is quite similar to your other endless runners with some key differences. First, the goal is not just to earn a currency, our candy canes. However to deliver those presents for all the good children. Which of course give us a bonus chance of getting something for ourselves. Which is awesome. We can even use those candy canes, and whatever we get in our bonus after each round to buy upgrades which can be used to even get further and get higher scores. Be careful, the further you go, the harder and faster everything will become.

Christmas Tap it Coming soonThe second game being released is called, Christmas Tap It. Which is a tapping game. Yay! Of course this tapping game is with a Christmas twist, using the colours of the season. The point of the game is to watch an order of the colours get played, and tap back the same colours in the same order. Simple. Yet it can get quite complicated as you go from round to round. Not only does the game speed up, the amount of colours pressed each round is not consistent. Requiring you to keep your wits sharp, and make sure you memorized the order they were displayed in.

From us at Derecho Studios, we hope you enjoy these Christmas mobile games, and have a wonderful holiday season.