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Customize Santa Claus in Santa Rush Delivery

Coming this December, you will be able to customize the look of your own Santa Claus while you deliver Christmas presents in Santa Rush Delivery. This will include Santa’s gloves, hats, boots, and jackets. With many different items being able to be equipped, it will be quite interesting to see what the images which will arise with different types of Santas.

SRD EquipmentIn Santa Rush Delivery certain items will be equippable, which will grant your Santa magical powers. Such as Classic Santa Gloves. A new innovation from the elves in the workshop. Candy canes and Christmas presents will simply be drawn to you as you run. No more missing any candy canes on your Christmas delivery run. Which of course leads to you collecting more and more. Which can then be used to upgrade even more items. Check out the game here.

Certain items in Santa Rush Delivery will be cosmetic while other will be able to effect your game play. Such as the Conducto Boots. These boots allow you to not have to worry about electricity. No longer will you get zapped if you touch an antenna which is electrified, or if you hit a thunder cloud. There are quite a few different boots and gloves which effect your game play. Find the right set for yourself. With the right set, the amount of candy canes you will earn could be quite high.

When you open up Santa Rush Delivery, you will be able to click on the workshop. There you will be able to see what new items are available. Derecho Studios will be adding a page on the website which will be listing items which will be available for players to buy.

These items will be purchasable through the workshop with candy canes. So as you run through delivering gifts and collecting candy canes, you will be able to use these to further your power, and get stronger.