New Santa Rush Delivery Video 2015 Trailer on YouTube Now!

Derecho Studios launched trailer of Santa Rush Delivery video 2015 on YouTube. In the trailer you can hear Santa as he crashes his sleigh into a chimney. Without any reindeer, Santa now has to deliver those Christmas gifts. Only one way to do it, running Santa style. You can see how the scenery will look. Watch as Santa runs and jumps from rooftop to rooftop collecting candy canes, delivering Christmas gifts and avoiding nasty obstacles. Just a glimpse of what the game entails.

We have added the Santa Rush Delivery video 2015 trailer embedded here.

In the new Santa Rush Delivery video 2015 trailer you will see some of the different gear available to use. Such as the red, green and blue foam gloves. Even the space helmet makes an appearance. Most of the video we see Santa wearing his classic gear. The blue and green jackets and hats also get some time, and you can see Santa running and jumping with them on. Quite a few different pieces for you to choose from and customize your Santa.

Also in the text, the launch date of Santa Rush Delivery, November 30th 2015. Available on the Google Play™.  Download it for free.

Watch Santa show the chimney who the boss is

You also get to see Santa break a chimney in a effort to not get caught by one again. Fun to watch, and fun to play. Have some fun running as Santa and seeing how far you can run.

Along with the video being released, there are a couple of screenshots of real game play.

Santa Rush Delivery screenshot delivering gifts Santa Rush Delivery screenshot thunder clouds

Soon to be coming is also game play videos from the Derecho Studios staff. Which team member will be the winner and get the highest score.
If you are having trouble viewing the video, you can watch the trailer here.