Tap the Christmas Ornaments in Christmas Tap It

Christmas Tap It ScreenshotOne of the new games coming this December is Christmas Tap It. It is all about tapping Christmas ornaments in the right order. We have some amazing screenshots to share with you today. This is what you can expect the game to look like. Minus the gigantic hand, which will be replaced with your own fingers. While this game is basic in idea and thought, the game is quite fun to see how far you can really get.

Christmas Tap It is based on rounds. Each round a specific amount and order is displayed to the users with the Christmas ornaments lighting up. Then the player will enter a the second part of each round where they can tap the screen in the corresponding order. Each round gets progressively harder. Sometimes the first part of the round will be fast, while others will add more Christmas ornaments to tap. Its a fun way to spend some time, and challenge yourself to beat the game. The score was added to reward players for completing rounds faster then other players. So if you can remember the previous pattern, and repeat it back quickly enough, your score will be higher then others.

The perfect game to play when you are sitting on the couch and want to play a game on your phone or tablet. Its fun, addictive, and quite challenging. The best part its all about you, and how good your memory is. How far can you get?

Coming this December 2015, Christmas Tap It is free to download and play. There are no ads, and is completely ready to go once downloaded. The only slight ad you will find is for our own games, such as Santa Rush Delivery. Either way it is a fun game to play and see who can get the highest round and score.

So come try it out, it will not cost you a penny, and can perhaps starve off any boredom you may have.