Agent Find It

Agent Find It

Join Agent Find It       Coming 2016…..

Can you find all the objects?

Take on the role of Agent Find It. The boy genius who can find any missing item, person, or even a pet. Follow the cases carefully. Picking up clues as you travel the path to closing each case. So all mischief-doers be ware. Private Eye and Detective, Agent Find It is on the case!

My name is Agent Find It, and I am on the case!

With all the toys, gadgets, and tools that any young detective needs. You can make the difference in breaking the case. Find all the missing objects, and clear the levels quickly to get the highest scores!

New mysteries around each corner

Find the missing objects on each level to help move the case closer and closer to a conclusion. Careful though! Some levels require you to find the items at a set amount of time, clicks, or even both. As you find each object, you earn points. Try to get the highest score you can on each level. Just be careful to make sure you only click on the right items you need. Though sometimes these items may seem random, some of these items may help you open a safe, or complete a puzzle which will break the case wide open.

The Special Item for any Detective, Film Roll!

Every private eye these days needs a camera. Especial our boy genius. Every level in the game offers unique chances for you to find film rolls which can be used to activate your special detective powers. Anything from freezing time to finding that last object just before your time runs out.

Solve the Case, and get ahead of your friends

With every case, there is always competition. Who will be the first to solve and put the closing stamp on the story? Who will be able to do it the fastest? Perhaps it will be you. Only one way to find out. Join the chase, and get on the case with Agent Find It. Coming in 2016.