Christmas Tap It

Christmas Tap It

Santa Rush Delivery coming soon       Coming This December 2016…..

Just Tap It!

455 x 300Christmas Tap It is all about getting the right colour order, and repeating it back. How far can you go? Be careful this game can rack up its speed. With the four colours of Christmas, each with its own colour and sound. The game consists with rounds, each round a different order of the colours and sounds will play. Then its your turn, repeat the order back to proceed to the next round. Every round gets harder and harder, different speeds and different colours each time.
Enjoy the colours of Christmas, and tap away. Endless hours of entertainment right at your finger tips. One of the simplest yet satisfying games you will play on your phone and tablet this Christmas and holiday season.

How Far can You Get?

Unlimited levels, this game will not give up. Christmas Tap It keeps going and going with you until your memory has met its match. How far can you get?

Play your Friends & Family

Sign in with your FaceBook™ account and invite your friends and family. Can you beat them? Perhaps you have been challenged, answer the call and get the highest score. Perfect game for in the back seat of a car, or sitting together on the couch.

Get your Memory Game Up this Christmas

Christmas Tap It comes down to how good your memory is. Improve your memory, and get to higher rounds. Higher rounds means higher score, and you can once again be on the top of leaderboards.